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Napsty is a leading consulting services firm that specializes in building solutions aimed at taking advantage of all the benefits of the cloud

Service Offerings

Systems Architecture

Most developers don’t typically think about how to properly architect a system for use in production. Napsty's experts can help by utilizing numerous years of experience with high-capacity production environments and cloud methodologies to bring the intersection of those two worlds to your project.

Service Migration

Napsty's experts will seek to deeply understand your system, design a custom system to achieve business goals, and ensure that it delivers value to your organization exceeding expectations.

Continuous Deploy

Thinking about your applications and services being updated more than once a day can be a scary thing. Napsty can help you achieve the benefits and the versatility that the cloud world provides by being able to deliver value to your customers at a moments notice. Rather than scheduling deployments, working on weekends and coordinating with multiple teams; let the technology do it for you!

Cloud architecture principles

At Napsty, we believe that there are a few key fundamental design aspects that contribute to a successful cloud implementation, that need to be front and center on technologists minds from day one:

Once a service is built, that artifact never changes: between environments, configurations, etc. This contributes to reusability, consistency, and avoids configuration drift.
Expect failure
An expectation of failure is a key ingredient in building cloud systems: but this is only a good thing. By building services with the assumption of failure built in, you get a stronger and more robust system.
Automate everything
One of the big paradigm changes in the cloud space involves the concept of not directly touching systems; instead having tools to do that for you to improve consistency, security, and agility.
Passive remediation
Infrastructure tooling in the cloud has become smart enough to detect anomolies in service operation, and automatically remediate issues without any user intervention. This goes hand in hand with understanding the key aspects of your system.

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